Clear content: what we do

Simplified helps organisations to communicate clearly and fairly.

  • We consult in content design and plain language
  • We train legal, financial and content professionals to write better
  • We raise awareness about the importance of clear content in business

We have offices in the UK, South Africa and Australia and clients from around the world. We were founded in 2005 by  a lawyer and a content and marketing professional,

Focus on financial, legal and tech sectors

Clear communication is especially important when products are complex and often undifferentiated. We have consulted to and trained global  services companies, for example, Discovery, Old Mutual Group, Zurich, Alexander Forbes, Allan Gray, NS&I and EY.

Commercial outcomes: simple content has business benefits

Simpler communications lead to business benefits, from reducing obstacles to buying a service to attracting new clients and building brand loyalty. They also may reduce queries and lower costs. At the start of every programme, we identify business goals so that the results of our work can be measured.

Compliance outcomes: meet the requirements of new legislation

Recent laws and regulations make transparency an obligatory part of any organisation’s communications. We craft communications for different levels of readers while ensuring that content is inclusive, fair and transparent. We work with you to assess your communications according to legal or compliance requirements, and make any required changes.

We believe design is as important as the words

Poorly designed documents intimidate or bore readers. Information design is crucial to clarity. We design information to help readers to engage with the content and to easily find the information that is relevant to them.

We test what we write

The only way to know if readers can use the document for its intended purpose is to ask them. User testing helps you to understand your consumers and better meet their needs through qualitative feedback. We also do comprehension testing of difficult jargon.

Clear content: our services

  • Simplification and content strategy for digital and print content
  • Audits of fairness, plain language and clarity
  • Comprehension testing and user testing
  • Editorial guides
  • Training in plain English and content design, including contracts, policies, text messages, emails, letters, reports and proposals
  • Writing and design of digital and print content
  Diagram showing the process of writing in plain language: Plan, Structure, Write, Tone, Design