Content design for legal and financial content

Do you want to improve the legal or financial content on your website? Clear communication and content design can help.

We offer a range of options for content designers or writers who want to improve their skills of writing complex information in a compelling way.

With Simplified, you’ll learn:

  • what clear communication is
  • why it’s important for legal and financial information to be clear
  • how to persuade stakeholders to support clear legal and financial content
  • how to assess clarity by looking at legislation, the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) and the new ISO standards for plain language (under application)

You’ll get the skills you need to:

  • collaborate with legal and compliance teams – we’ll teach you common questions and discussion points so that you can  have productive conversations and build strong working relationships
  • plan and structure legal and financial content
  • write in the active voice, using sentence structures that can work for a range of literacy levels
  • deal with jargon and legalese

Get more information about our courses, or book your place on our upcoming financial content workshop: