Insurance content

To most consumers, insurance documents are confusing and alienating. It’s important to communicate key messages in a compelling way, without leaving out important information. Insurance content must help consumers to make informed decisions about what is most important to them.

Our experience in insurance is hard to match: we have partnered with many large insurance companies over the past 15 years, often in retainer relationships. 

Some examples of our projects

Plain-English training in insurance companies

  • Customised courses for over 3,000 insurance professionals
  • Licence agreements for insurance companies to train their own teams
  • Specialised courses for a range of insurance employees, including contact centre teams, content designers, communications teams, legal teams and compliance teams
  • Sales support training for financial advisers

Writing, information design and content design 

  • Clear insurance applications and other insurance forms
  • Schedules and policy summaries. We have worked on both online and print versions
  • Policies and terms and conditions. We collaborate with legal and compliance teams so that we do not sacrifice legal integrity
  • Website content across acquisitions and support areas
  • Online tools for financial advisers

Audits, user tests and comprehension tests

  • Qualitative research programmes to better understand motivations of consumers and financial advisers
  • User tests and comprehension tests to find out how consumers find, understand and use information about insurance
  • Audits for plain language and user experience
  • Reports and recommendations to help organisations to comply with Treating Customers Fairly and other legislative requirements for clear communication

Read case studies of how large insurance companies made use of Simplified writing training services to drive culture change, and and a Simplified clear communications audit to set up a benchmark for clarity, and track progress against it.