Plain English training builds a culture of effective writing

Your staff can learn how to write in a professional way

We teach the tools and techniques of plain language, so each member of staff learns how to communicate clearly, calmly and consistently.

Who should attend?

  • Customer service teams 
  • Marketers especially if you market complex services
  • Lawyers and compliance professionals
  • Salespeople who write proposals or invitations
  • Investment or other professionals who write reports
  • Managers and business leaders

You can choose to focus on the kind of content you write most often:

  • Emails and letters
  • Policies and briefings
  • Contracts or terms and conditions
  • Brochures, whether online or in print
  • Payment content, statements and online transactional content
  • Help content
  • Online flows, such as acquisitions or complaints

Our training is global

Our trainers are sensitive to cultural differences. We’ve trained in the UK, Portugal,  South Africa, Croatia, Australia, the US, Nigeria and Kenya. International teams  often find that our training  helps to improve cross-cultural communication.

Training courses are customised to your needs

Our standard in-house training courses cater for up to 12 delegates and take 12 hours – we generally spit this into three or four sessions. We offer a licence agreement to large organisations who want to train our programme using their own trainers.

Cartoon showing two people. The one leans over and literally looks inside the other person's head!

We train in a fun way, using easy-to-remember principles. We give skills-based techniques and lots of chances to practice.