Here are some examples of Simplified clients that have used clear communication to create connections with customers, staff and other stakeholders. You´ll see examples of our clear communication services, including our plain legal writing services, training courses for writers and content designers, plain English workshops for lawyers, and plain English training for Treating Customers Fairly.

Absa Bank (Barclays Africa)

Plain language edit of annual report

Developing brochure concepts

Islamic Banking terms and conditions and correspondence

Absa Xtreme policy

Training legal department in plain legal drafting

Training language services in plain language writing

Training copywriters and marketers in plain language writing and the Consumer Protection Act

Absa Insurance

Short-term insurance policies

Long-term insurance policy

Training and mentoring in writing in plain language


Writing security documents in plain language (suretyship, cession, pledge)

African Alliance

Report writing training for research analysts

Editing equity reports

Afrifocus Securities

A tender proposal for institutional dealing

A template for future tenders

Report writing training for research analysts

Alexander Forbes

Large forms project across various business units

Writing insurance policy documents

Audit on pension fund communication

Training in plain language (including legal writing course)

Allan Gray

Training in plain language and report writing

Design recommendations

Plain language concepts for Allan Gray annual calendar

Australian Insurance Group (AIG)

Customer-service and claims letters

Barak Fund Management

Marketing materials for this hedge fund manager

Presentation materials for international conference


Training for this investment company

Bond Exchange of South Africa

Board-level strategy reports

Writing training

Bowman Gilfillan

Training plain legal language to lawyers


Information design and writing of commissions statements for financial advisers

User testing and user experience analysis of printed and online quotation and schedule

Centre for Conciliation and Mediation Arbitration (CCMA)

Training commissioners to write effective awards (three-year contract)

Club Leisure

Plain language terms and conditions of timeshare agreement

Corporate Lawyers Association of South Africa (CLASA)

Training plain legal language to lawyers, including the implications of the National Credit Act, Consumer Protection Act, Companies Act and treating Customers Fairly

Development Bank of South Africa (DBSA)

Writing training for a range of staff, including project managers

Deutsche Bank

Writing training for research analysts

Style guide for a research analysts

Direct Axis

Call centre scripts


Company-wide audits of print and online content run for four consecutive years

User and usability tests

An accreditation programme for internal writers, including worksessions to hone various writing skills

Information design worksessions with external design agencies

Various application forms, policies, letters and marketing materials, both in print and online

Commission agreements for intermediaries

Conflict of interest policy

Training in-house lawyers and customer service staff

Train-the-trainer programme

A licence agreement for in-house training

Edward Nathan Sonnenberg

Mentoring tax and corporate lawyers in writing skills

Training Forensic department in report writing

Ernst & Young

Legal documents including:

  • EY Online Subscription agreement
  • Service level, indemnity and non-disclosure agreements


Medical aid policy

FirstRand Group

Recommendations on a FirstRand Group annual report

FirstRand Legal Services

Security agreements, including a suretyship contract


Insurance policies for this brokerage


Pricing guides for banking services

FNB Credit Card Division

Credit card terms and conditions


Writing till slips and a jewellery insurance policy


Investment brochures for high net worth clients

Government Communications and Information Services (GCIS)

Imbizo documents in plain language

The plain-language chapter of the Government Communicators Handbook as well as an in-house style guide

Writing training for GCIS staff

Input to a comprehensive usability study for the government websites

Hollard Insurance

Group-risk income disability and dread-disease policies
Service level agreement

Communications strategy

Audit of client-service communications

Style guide

Training in plain language writing, including legal writing training

Independent Schools Association of South Africa (ISASA)

Plain language parent contract

Institute of Directors

Editing the King III report on corporate governance

Kura Capital

Presentation materials for this Mauritian hedge fund company

Levi Strauss

The HIV policy for the HR department


Insurance documents, including long-term policies, agency agreements, investment quotes, and various brochures and letters

Tone-of-voice guidelines

Courses in the principles of plain language, clear legal writing and writing for the Web

Implementing specifications for system-generated documents

Information design guidelines for brochures

Train-the-trainer programme

A licence agreement for in-house training

A electronic assessment programme run through QuestionMark

An intranet site about plain language, which incorporates plain-language games


Audit on insurance documents

Broker guides

Insurance documents, including long-term policies

Training in plain language writing

Training implications of new legislation for in-house lawyers

MNS Attorneys

Plain legal writing training


Short-term insurance documents, including technical specifications

MS Life

Long-term insurance policies


Writing share trading platform terms and conditions

Mutual & Federal

A buildings, household contents and liability policy

Português Claro

Train-the-trainer and licence agreement with this writing and training company based in Lisbon

Project Literacy

Researching for and writing three literacy text books with teachers’ guides for Merseta

Rand Merchant Bank

An electronic retirement calculator

SA Law Reform Commission

Training commissioners in report writing


Training in writing insurance policies in plain language

Writing insurance documents

Santam Insurance

Training in-house lawyers

Writing and editing insurance policies and schedules

SA Taxi

Agreements, including credit agreements, repossession agreements, car tracking agreements, and insurance policies

Letters, emails and SMSs

Rewards programme

Style guide

Training and awareness sessions

Summaries of key documents

Translations into various official South African languages

Simplifying psychometric survey for SA Taxi clients

Taurus Consulting

Training research reports and PowerPoint presentations to business analysts


A plain-language brochure explaining a Trust


Terms and conditions of a tracking contract

Mobile concept for presenting terms and conditions to clients

The Clade Group

A content strategy for this hedge fund company

Union Transport

Training sales staff to write tenders and proposals

Webber Wentzel

Training lawyers in legal writing principles

Consulting on plain language for firm’s clients

Werksmans Attorneys

Training lawyers in legal writing principles for CPA compliance


Auditing plain language materials for this writing company

YOA Insurance

Business writing training for this Nigerian-based brokerage


Short-term insurance policy

Travel insurance policy