Treating Customers Fairly

Treating Customers Fairly (TCF) should be considered to be a business opportunity and not a regulatory burden. It aims to balance the power between consumers and businesses.


It’s an opportunity for organisations to:

  • improve products and services
  • build reputations
  • benefit customers and businesses

We have a rigorous approach because we believe that Treating Customers Fairly is a long-term, strategic effort rather than a once-off campaign.

Our services for Treating Customers Fairly

  • We run workshops to help organisations to engage all parts of the business in Treating Customers Fairly programmes
  • We help organisations to create success metrics, templates and guidelines
  • We rewrite and redesign documents and website content. All our work is based on a solid understanding of the techniques of plain English and user experience

Our work fits in with the approach adopted by the Financial Conduct Authority, which is to help financial firms develop smarter communications that are more customer-focused than compliance-focused.