Financial writing: writing about money (in-house course)

Customers have the right to understand the financial products that they buy and use. This course will give your team the skills that they need to write clearly about money.

Clear content means informed customers

Financial products and services are not easy to understand.  Financial services companies have a responsibility to be clear, so that their customers can make informed decisions about their money.

This training will equip you with the plain English skills that you need to be both clear and compassionate when you write about money. By building your skills in financial writing, your team will learn how to:

  •  meet the plain-language requirements of regulations such as Treating Customers Fairly
  • build solid relationships with customers through being clear about your products and services
  • lower the risk of litigation due to misleading or ambiguous messaging

You’ll get a solid foundation for plain language in financial writing, including:

  • how plain language relates to financial ideas such as ethics, transparency and fairness
  • laws and regulations mandating plain language in financial information
  • a closer look at plain-language provisions in Treating Customers Fairly and Reg E
  • a closer look at plain-language provisions in privacy laws
  • how to understand the financial literacy of your readers and set standards for plain language in your organisation

You’ll also get the skills to:

  • plan and structure financial content
  • use examples and visual elements to communicate complex concepts
  • make decisions about defining or replacing financial jargon
  • write in a way that meets the language elements of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG)
  • do some simple user testing

A live (and lively) online session customised to your needs

We usually split the 12 hours of intensive training over three four-hour sessions. We run the training through video conferencing software (usually Zoom or Microsoft Teams) with WhatsApp as a back-up technology.  We set practical exercises and assignments throughout the course, with a customised assignment at the end.

Our courses are interactive. We rely on your examples, input and discussion. This is adult-to-adult learning where:

  • we train a principle or technique
  • we show you an example of how it’s put into practice (preferably in a real example from your organisation)
  • you apply the principle or technique in a short exercise, which we discuss as a group
  • you do an assignment at home to reinforce the learning right away.

Who is this course for?

This course is designed for content designers and writers that work for financial services companies, including banks, payment companies, insurers, investment firms, and credit and loan companies.