Recorded workshop: content design for legal content

 Read about this workshop on how to write legal content clearly. When you’re ready, connect direct to the workshop on Udemy.

We created this workshop for content designers or writers who:

  • want to write legal content clearly, in plain language
  • want to improve the style and accessibility of policies, contracts or terms and conditions
  • prefer to work at their own pace, through a recorded workshop.

The workshop will give you the confidence to tackle legal content. There are four modules:

 Module 1: Laws and regulations that require clear content

In this module, you’ll learn:

  • what legal content is and why it’s important that it’s clear and accessible
  • what consumer laws say about clear content (we look mostly at the UK’s Consumer Rights Act of 2015)
  • how clear content relates to fairness and transparency regulations

Module 2: How to engage with your stakeholders

In this module, you’ll get practical information to help you to  collaborate with stakeholders when you work on legal content. You’ll learn the common questions to ask legal and compliance before you get going on your rewrite.

Module 3: Planning and structuring legal content

In this section, you’ll get skills in:

  • planning your legal content, with the reader always top of mind
  • structuring legal content in a reader-focused way
  • writing informative headings

Module 4: Dealing with legalisms and legalese

In this module, you get practical tools and techniques for:

  • replacing unnecessary legalese (herein, commencement, notwithstanding, subject to, shall)
  • dealing with some common legal jargon (deem, force majeure)

The ‘content design for legal content’ workshop is right for you if:

  • you have a foundational knowledge of plain language already (we won’t go through the basics such as active voice)
  • you’re not a lawyer (please speak to us about the courses we developed especially for legal professionals)
  • you’ve an excellent knowledge of English
  • you’re open-minded and keen to try out new techniques!

Course length: minimum of 3.5 hours including exercises


Get started with our recorded course.