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Clear health content: Clear content helps people to make informed decisions about their health

If we show clarity and compassion when writing about health, it’s more likely that people will listen. When a person makes a decision relating to their health, they need content that’s both accurate and empathetic. The principles and tools of plain language can help to create health information that makes a difference.

How to be an advocate for clear communication

To be sustainable, a plain-language programme must be aligned with a strategic company aim. The legal team needs to be part of a company-wide training programme with courses that are customised to their needs. Read our white paper on how to advocate for plain language to find out more about each of these actions: Continue to […]

Insurance jargon simplified

No longer do consumers tolerate ‘small print’ and unnecessary jargon in insurance. Increasingly, these are viewed as wilful barriers to the truth – as WMDs (Words of Mass Deception). Organisations that continue to use them risk losing the trust of their stakeholders.

Transparency and plain language in the Consumer Rights Act and beyond

Transparent, fair and clear communication is not only about legal compliance: it is also about selling and marketing complex products and services more effectively to customers who are not willing to buy offerings they don’t understand. Transparent content can help reposition your brand to compete in an age of growing consumer power. Download our white paper to explore how transparent […]