The Consumer Rights Act and training in clear communication

The Consumer Rights Act was an important development in the rapid and ongoing transformation of the consumer landscape. Social media activism, regulatory intervention, and an increasingly  informed consumer all mean that fairness, transparency, and simplicity in corporate communication are under the spotlight.

The Consumer Rights Act brings to light that clear communication is a culture change

Most companies start the process of simplifying communications and making them more transparent by bringing in external consultants to review and rewrite their policies, contracts, brochures, bills, statements, customer support documents and website copy. However, the risk is that the benefit of this investment will be short-lived without a complementary programme to train internal staff and build a culture of clear communication.

Organisations should invest in training anyone who has an internal or external communication function in the principles of plain, clear writing and speaking. This includes: customer service representatives writing customer support emails; marketers promoting complex products; legal and human resources staff writing memos and policies; salespeople filling in tenders; and those involved in report writing or proposal writing.

To find out more about how writing training and other programmes can deliver the culture change needed for clear communication, download our white paper, Are you ready to be held to your brand promise in a new era of consumer rights?