Building reputation as a transparent investment company

A leading investment firm uses plain English and transparency to differentiate itself from its competitors and build its reputation.

The problem

How does an investment company stand out in the crowd, where products are complex and increasingly similar to each other?

For an international investment firm based in Cape Town, the answer is to position itself as a transparent investment company. Plain English forms a natural fit with the firm´s principles and approach to investment. After all, what better way to help investors make informed decisions about their money than explain products and services clearly and honestly?

The challenge the firm faced was to train its staff in plain English report writing. Employees range from highly literate to those who struggle with writing (many investment experts are more comfortable with numbers than words).

The solution

Simplified ran business and legal writing training programmes at the firm for over three years. We have also consulted on various plain-language documents and helped with initiatives that raise awareness of plain language throughout the company.

The results

By communicating its faith in clear communication, the firm has gained press exposure and built its reputation as a transparent investment company.